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Seeking Justice For Victims Of Fraud

Fraud occurs when someone intentionally deceives you into believing something that is not true in order to cheat you out of something valuable. My name is Gayle Weinberg Kalmin. If you have been the victim of fraud or some other intentionally wrongful act, I have the tenacity, investigative skills and results-driven experience to help you recover the losses you sustained as a result.

For almost 20 years, my firm, The Law Offices of Gayle Weinberg, P.C., has been successful at identifying fraudulent acts, applying the facts to the law, and winning cases for my clients in the Chicago area. Throughout my career, I have recovered losses sustained by individuals, investors and small business owners who were victimized by fraud. Time and time again, I have been successful at identifying the fraudulent acts and obtaining justice for my clients.

Identifying Fraud And Delivering Results

Fraud can occur in a variety of ways and in multitude of settings that are not always easy for a layperson to spot. I am an attorney who has extensive experience uncovering fraudulent schemes and practices and prosecuting them. Since I started litigating fraud cases years ago, I have obtained relief for every single one of my clients, including:

  • Home buyers who received false representations regarding the condition of the property they purchased
  • An apartment building owner who was tricked by a relative into deeding away title to his income-producing property
  • A homeowner who paid for work that was not done in accordance with code, in violation of the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act
  • A real estate investor whose commercial property was wrongfully encumbered by a fraudulent mechanics lien in violation of Illinois law
  • A commercial landlord who was defrauded as a result of a fabricated under market value lease
  • A judgment creditor seeking to reverse fraudulent transfers that were made for the purpose of frustrating his recovery efforts.

If you believe an individual or business has used deceived means to cheat you out of money or property, call me at The Law Offices of Gayle Weinberg, P.C., today at 312-456-9636 or send a message online for a free consultation.