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Accomplishments and Results

Real Estate Litigation

  • After successfully petitioning the trial court to vacate the judgment it entered against my client in a commercial eviction matter that was handled by my client’s prior attorney because the lease introduced into evidence at the eviction trial was fraudulently created, obtained a substantial money judgment in favor of my client who was damaged as a result of the fraudulently created lease document.
  • Solo-chaired a week long bench trial and recovered a significant money judgment in favor of my client and against the Plaintiff, a general contractor who recorded a fraudulent mechanics lien claim against my client’s commercial property in Wrigleyville.
  • Successfully defended my client, a real estate developer, in a building violations claim filed against him by the City of Chicago and in which the City sought more than $90,000 in penalties and fees.
  • Successfully obtained Temporary Restraining Order and Injunction against a national real estate developer in order to prevent them from closing on the sale of condominium units until they paid my client the real estate commissions that were rightfully owed to her and prevailed in claims made for breach of contract and violation of the on her behalf pursuant to the litigation included claims made for breach of contract and violation of the Wage Loss Payment and Collection Act.
  • Recovered money damages on behalf of home-buyer clients after filing claims for violation of the Residential False Disclosure Act, Negligent Misrepresentation, and Fraud.
  • Successfully convinced the Village of Kenilworth to issue a tear-down permit to my client despite the historical designation given to the property he owned so he could sell the property to a builder for profit.

Personal Injury Litigation

  • Recovered substantial settlement on behalf of 19-year old athlete who sustained a spiral fracture of his femur while tubing on a lake in Wisconsin.
  • Recovered substantial jury verdict in favor of my client, who injured her face and mouth after falling on cracked pavement in the handicapped section of a parking lot located in Joliet, Illinois.
  • Recovered money for client who fell and sustained a trimalleolar fracture of her ankle after falling on an unnatural accumulation of snow and ice outside her apartment complex in Schaumburg, Illinois.